Youth Enterprise Unlock Sales with Key Companion

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The Newquay Tretherras Young Enterprise team has come up with a clever design solution that will help you keep your keys safely organised in your pocket.

The Key Companion is an eco-friendly wooden ‘Swiss Army’ style key holder that securely stores your keys and prevents them from damaging other objects that you may carry with you.

The Tretherras Young Enterprise team is taking their product to the Young Enterprise Trade Fair on Saturday, December 5th at Cornwall Services, where it will be available for sale to the general public.

Charlotte Lewis, Managing Director of the Tretherras team explains, “It’s a great device and one that we have found to be very popular in our prototype testing. People using it have found it practical, eliminating bulky keys in their pockets.’

The Young Enterprise programme aims to stretch the business skills of young people through the test of producing a product and selling it to creating profit.

Scarlet Nield, Marketing Director of the team commented, ‘We are looking forward to the Young Enterprise Trade Fair this Saturday at Cornwall Services, where the Key Companion will be on sale between 10 am to 3:30 pm. It’s a great stocking filler, but stocks are limited so be sure to arrive early to avoid disappointment!’

Dan Ellery who was an early product tester commented, “It is really useful, I’ve been using it since Saturday and I haven’t had to filter through my keys”.

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