Year 9 v Richard Lander Football Report.

It was a bright start from Newquay Tretherras, with great passing and movement through out the game. A superb pass from Elliot Riley through to Alex Taylor who shot but missed to the left of goal. Richard lander held the ball up well down the right side of the pitch resulting in a cross what made goally Daniel Dunn make a terrific save. Unfortunatley bouncing out to there striker who scores a tap int inside the 6yard box. Newquay restart play with a intelligent pass from Jake Peters out to Rob Donald who crosses the ball in the box but only to be saved by the keeper. Richard Landers goally booted the ball out with a huge kick bouncing over Newquays defences heads with Richard Landers Striker with a smart finish in the bottom right corner. However straight from the kick off Newquay bounced back with a inter change of passing throughout the whole team with Jack Cavell having a great shot forcing the keeper to make a smart save to his left hand side, a corner kick to Newquay, with a great whipped ball from Hayden Webber with Jake Peters heading to end the scoring at half time to 2-1 to Richard Lander. After a great team talk by Mr Richards Newquay restarted play with excellent football from Danny Roberts and Jake Thompsan but all Newquay’s good passing came undone when they broke through on goal on several occasions causing great saves from Daniel Dunn however Richard Lander went on to score quickly. Newquay got a great goal by Alex Taylor after a amazing pass from Harry Bowan to end the scoring for Newquay.  After great defending By Harry Fernley clearing the ball away from danger. Richard Lander scored again with a good long shot goal. Richard Lander kept putting pressure on the Newquay boys for them to concede again with a open goal. However Newquay  was playing excellent football but nothing to show for it. Again Richard Lander broke through the defence twice and scored with both attempts. They then went on to score the final goal of the game with a header inside Newquays 6 yard box. the final whistle blew with the scores at 8-2 to Richard Lander.

Nat Neville – Team Captain.