Year 8 Expectations Evening: Information for Parents/Carers

Year 8 Evening 2017

We are pleased to invite you to a very important evening for Year 8 parents/carers on Wednesday 20th September from 6:00pm-7:00pm. As we are sure you are aware, this year is an important one for your sons and daughters. At the evening we will be giving out information on the core subjects and key dates coming up for all Year 8 students and their parents/carers.

In view of the significance of this year and the amount of work each student will be expected to undertake, it is really important that all parents encourage their sons and daughters to foster good study habits and plan and organise their time effectively. We would also be grateful if parents would refrain from booking holidays during school term time; as a school we are not permitted to authorise holiday absence, except in exceptional circumstances. Good attendance is vital to examination success.

We will introduce the new Class Charts system for setting homework. We will also provide information about e-safety and ensure that new guidelines are made clear.

We look forward very much to seeing you on 201h September.

Key dates:

• Year 8 PPE’s 261h February -2nd March 2018
• Year 8 Parents Evening Thursday 22nd March 2018
• Full Reports Tuesday 261h June 2018

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