Year 7 Student Council Reps Elected


Newquay Tretherras is dedicated to providing students with opportunities to explore our core British Values, which is now a fundamental part of the responsibilities of all schools now. One of these five core British Values is Democracy – and our Year 7 students have just participated in an opportunity to vote for their Year Reps who will work on behalf of all Year 7s on the school’s Student Council.

All year 7 students study a programme about learning about developing their character alongside their academic studies. This programme, which takes place in tutorial time and is a key element of the School’s SMSC programme is called NT Character. One of the key characteristics is the skill of Collaboration.

Every Tutor Group initially elected their own Reps, who work with Miss Barber (their Head of Year) and Mr Thompson (who leads the Student Council) to solve any general problems that arise, and also to generate ideas that might improve the experience of being a Year 7 student. All Tutor Group Reps then stood for election to the whole school Student Council, which is taking charge of things like reviewing the school’s Anti-Bullying Policy.

We are extremely pleased to announce that Jemima Talbot (7KAS), Sienna Siddiqui (7SLJ) and Seb Bartlett (7JPU) have won the election, and will be the democratic voice for all our Year 7 students on our whole school Student Council.

Mr Grahaeme Jones, who is Lead Teacher of SMSC, said: “The election campaign was brilliant, and saw lots of fantastic posters, flags and badges to support all the candidates who were standing for election. Every student who stood for election also presented a speech in an assembly, talking to all their peers. Everybody deserves praise for being involved in such a positive election campaign. Congratulations to Jemima, Seb and Sienna who received the most votes in the election, and who will be brilliant at being Reps for the whole year group.”

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