Year 7 Camp

Year 7 camp is a three day event that happens every year for new Year 7s that chose Newquay Tretherras and it has loads of activities for everyone to enjoy! The point of camp is to introduce Year 7s to each other. It’s a bonding experience and a celebration at the end of Year 7. It gives them experience of the outdoor living and how to survive. There are loads of activities you can enjoy, from learning how to light a fire and to keep it alight, to geocaching in the woods looking for hidden objects.

Camp 7

During breaks throughout the day there is a tuck shop where you can buy sweets and drinks

. Camp 10

They also have night activities like Operation X… where you enter the woods at one end and you have to find glow sticks that guide you to the exit. Camp 6

During the 3 days you are at the camp, you sleep in tents with a group of other Year 7s they can be old friends or new friends. And don’t think it’s just for the kids, even the adults join in with the laughs. Camp Monkeys

Tretherras Minstrels