Year 12 Business Students along with Pirate FM’s Education Department work on Digital Marketing Campaign

PirateFM business studies 2018-9183

Year 12 Business students from Newquay Tretherras have had the opportunity to work with Pirate FM’s very own education department, on two sessions designed to focus on their coursework on marketing, and how businesses attract people to use or visit them.

The students who are completing their Level 3 OCR Cambridge Technical award in Business, were visited by Rachel Yates and Libby Thomas from Pirate Education, who delivered two bespoke masterclasses based around their coursework assignments. The first masterclass on Tuesday the 27th of February focused on Ashortwalk and the Beverage Bin, encouraging students to consider how they could market their idea for a recycling bin to businesses and individuals, whilst developing a concept for the bin itself. The second on the 6th of March, saw the remainder of the students focusing on The Headland Hotel and considering how they could attract young people into the hotel for careers or simply to stay.

Both sessions were hands on and involved the students working in teams to generate new ideas or plans for marketing activities, as well as story-boarding ideas for advertisements, and culminating in them recording their very own radio advert -something which all of the students seemed to really enjoy.

Lead Teacher of Business and Applied Learning, Mr Nicholls, said “Both sessions were a fantastic opportunity for students to really develop their understanding of marketing, and how it works in the real world of business. All too often we focus solely on the theoretical side of business, however, these sessions with Rachel and Libby really encouraged the students to get hands on and involved, which has really boosted their confidence and understanding”.

Session coordinator Rachel Yates commented “We really enjoyed drawing up and delivering the Newquay Tretherras sessions on digital marketing. We always aim to provide real life experiences, so having genuine briefs from ashortwalk and The Headland Hotel gave the depth and purpose we look to achieve through our workshops.

“It was really important to get the students’ honest thoughts and ideas on targeting the 16 – 24 year old age group and they followed these through in their practical tasks brilliantly. The groups created some fantastic radio adverts, video storyboards and social media campaigns which we hope will not only be useful to their ‘clients’ but also enhance their coursework submissions”

Following the success of these sessions, students are now beginning their market research so that they can begin to put together their own ideas for marketing, before eventually pitching their ideas in late April. The work the students are completing continues the applied approach of the Business Studies department at Newquay Tretherras, giving students the opportunity to work with real organisations from the local area, in order to give their coursework real meaning
as well as academic value.

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