‘Revision timetable’ – this covers every day until the very last exam in June. Please download and plan out your time appropriately. It is important to plan in free time as well as time to revise each subject:

  1. Block out your exams
  2. Book in your free time (and try to stick to it, making sure you have something fun planned and to look forward to)
  3. Work out how long to spend on each subject each week
  4. Fill in the blanks with the subjects you plan to revise on each specific day
  5. Stick it up at home and, when possible, try to stick to it
  6. Tick off each day as it passes

If something happens and you are unable to stick to your plan for a day or two, simply change it – don’t give up on it!’

Download timetable here

Year 11 PE


  • All students have access to the myPEexam website (www.myPEexam.org) which offers extensive videos and quizzes covering all areas of the specification for both paper 1 and parer 2. (username: students school email, password: Temp.123/CHANGE)
  • The exam board website (www.aqa.org.uk) contains links to specimen papers and mark schemes and other useful information
  • The AQA revision guide has been available via parent pay for some time. If any student would like a copy please ask them to speak to their class teacher. An additional revision resource is available free of charge on the shared area for all students to access.



Year 11 French

Year 11 Maths

Maths have a website full of their own revision content.
You can find it at www.ntmaths.com

Year 11 History

Revision Podcasts are available via the Student History SharePoint.

Click here for Podcast 3.1 Detente

Click here for the Paper 2 A Revision Podcasts

More Podcasts will be added.

Use the QR code below to get the Quizlet Flashcards


Year 11 Geography

Geography SharePoint link contains:

  • PLC and Key Word sheets for every topic
  • Revision mind maps, hints and tips, including answers to revision guide questions
  • BBC Bitesize Web Link
  • Fieldwork and Skills revision (Numeracy, Maps, Graphical skills)

Geography SharePoint link here

Year 11 GCSE English

Some advice:

  •  These activities are not compulsory – you must now take ownership over your own learning
  •  You DO NOT need to write every essay. A plan for each would be useful
  •  Feel free to hand in extra essays (if you put in extra work, I will too!)
  •  This is not an exhaustive collection of resources and activities
  •  Any extra background research will be beneficial

Download the Jekyll and Hyde Revision pack here

Download the Animal Farm revision pack here

Revision Guides

English language revision – Year 10 and Year 11

AQA Papers



Year 11 GCSE Science Revision 

I would like to bring to your attention an excellent Science revision resource that is available for students at school and at home. It is the online version of our GCSE textbooks which contain a huge range of information, activities and revision materials.

Please go to the school website and then click on “Remote Access” which can be found under “Useful Links”.

Students can then access the school network as if they were at a computer in school.

They then just need to click on the Start button/windows icon and type “active” into the search bar.

A number of online books and resource packs will then appear – 1 click on these will give students access to their school textbook and all the related resources.

Please ask your child to speak to a member of the science staff if they have any difficulties. This resource should be hugely beneficial to students in preparing for their science exams over the next few months.

Please also find listed below a few helpful websites that will be useful to your son/daughter for GCSE Science revision:



Combined Science:




Separate Sciences:



GCSE Science Revision PowerPoints

These can be accessed by all students via the shared X Drive (in school or by remote access)

Information and resources will also be posted out directly to students using Classcharts.


Year 11 GCSE Physics

Download Physics Flashcards here