Bus Users

All school bus users need to have a bus pass which is issued by the County Council before term starts. If you loose your bus pass it costs £5 for a new one.

If you move house and need to catch a different bus to school go to the main office in school and they will give you the appropriate forms to fill in.

If you want to bring a friend home you will have to arrange different transport as the buses only allow those with passes on.

Don’t forget that you need to follow the Bus Users Code of Conduct.

Never put anyone on the bus at risk

Don’t cause offence to other passengers

Don’t bring discredit to your family or school

Only travel on your allocated bus

Show your bus pass on every journey

Get on and off the bus sensibly

Never get on or off the bus whilst it is moving

Once started, remain seated until it is time to leave the bus

Never throw anything in or out of the bus

Never shout or sing on the bus

Never smoke on the bus

For information on bus times, bus stop locations and bus fares


Telephone: 0870 608 2 608 or

Web: www.travelineSW.com