Students Have Goalball Taster

At Newquay Tretherras, a small group of students were recently given the opportunity to try their hand at the Paralympic sport Goalball.

The game is usually played by visually impaired competitors, whose aim it is to score a goal by bowling a bell-filled ball along the floor to cross the goal line of the opposing team.

After learning the rules and key skills of the game, the students were blindfolded and began to play, using their sense of sound to locate the ball.

Dean Bettle, PE teacher at Tretherras said, “It was a really beneficial session as the children developed skills such as communication and teamwork. They were really engaged and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.”

Newquay Tretherras’ aim to continue the Olympic and Paralympic legacy has also previously seen Olympic medallist Cassie Patten work with students to inspire and encourage them to take up sport.