Sports Day 2013

Newquay Tethers held its first sports day in 4 years!

Until this year Sports day at the Academy had been continually postponed due to the notoriously poor British summer weather.

The dedicated Tretherras PE department hand exhausted alternative dates and contingency plans for running the event that would see the whole participate in a range of athletics events on the Tretherras Sports fields.

Year 11 students were the last year group to experience a whole school sports day and in their absence the current Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 Tretherras students took on the challenge of sports day, enjoying the opportunity to compete together.

Excited students behaved themselves impeccably as over 1000 participants camped on the Tretherras Sports fields all day to make a very successful sports day happen.

Traditional track and field events gave tutor groups the opportunity to compete against each other as well as let individual talents and abilities shine. All time favorite fun events, the egg and spoon race and tug of war, completed the sports day extravaganza line up.

Mr. Keith Barker and Mr. Paul Summers ran commentary throughout the day keeping students up to date with results whilst Mrs. Sue Martin Headteacher along with Deputy headteachers Mrs. Sam Fairburn and Miss Sarah Goswell presented certificates and medals. Parents watched events from the trackside whilst passers by stopped in front of the school to witness the event.

A jubilant Mr. Craig Richards, Head of PE at Newquay Tretherras commented, “At Tretherras we are incredibly lucky to have such an extensive sporting curriculum that all students participate in and benefit from. We are extremely proud of that and being able to run our sports day really does demonstrates the successful healthy and active life styles of our students.”

Mr. Richards continued, ‘The Tretherras students were fantastic and I really appreciate the positive way in which students and staff enthusiastically approached it. We have waited a bit but I am delighted that Sports Day at Tretherras was an incredibly successful day, delivering mass sporting participation for the whole school to enjoy.’

Results of the Tretherras sports day 2013 are:

Year 7: 1st BJM 197, 2nd JPU 184, 3rd JMR 181, 4th ECB 175, 5th GAW 171, 6th CLR & KAT 169, 8TH CEG 165, 9TH CIP 158, 10TH PES 146, 11TH RDB 114.

Year 8: 1st MJJ 213, 2nd LAJ 199, 3rd NAC 184, 4th EP 172, 5th KVC 171, 6th ROG 170, 7TH LAS 162, 8TH GAJ 159, 9TH BRJ 145, 10TH RJI 142, 11TH LSN 121.

Year 9: 1st AXP 230, 2nd SE/MAG 206, 3rd LJW 188, 4th MJH 185, 5th KTP 174, 6th JED 168, 7TH DWH 153, 8TH GRP 152, 9TH IAA 134, 10TH SKY 126, 11TH JDA 120.

Year 10: 1st NPB 226, 2nd LCA 224, 3rd SM 191, 4th CE 187, 5th KS 170, 6th ESH 158, 7TH MTF 156, 8TH JMH 147, 9TH BJM 136, 10TH EJF 120, 11TH KPC 111.