Spelling Bee 2016 Champions!


Local primary schools Goonhavern, Newquay Junior Academy, The Bishops’ CEVA, Trevisker and St Columb Minor took part in the Newquay learning Partnership Spelling Bee Competition, on Wednesday 10th of February, at Newquay Tretherras.


The local primary schools sent forward three of their top speller’s to show off their skills in the intense spelling competition. After a clear explanation of the rules, the first round was underway, judged by a panel made up of Newquay Tretherras English Leaders, Jordan, Charlie and Taylor.


None of the team players were eliminated after the first round but tension quickly grew in the following rounds. The teams battled it out for 40 minutes attempting to spell words in front of an audience, made up of their teachers, family and friends.


Teacher of English at Newquay Tretherras, Miss Lucy Newnham explained, ‘The Spelling Bee competition is not just about pupils knowledge of the English language. It is also about learning to perform under pressure and build confidence in real pressure situations. The pupils from each primary school did really well to battle with their nerves and perform under the spotlight’.


This year the winning team was Goonhavern, made up of Sisily Cordwell, Will Marley and Maya Bessell, who were very pleased when presented with the Trophy and crowned Tretherras Spelling Bee Champions. Last man standing and Best Individually Speller was Will Marley, also from Goonhavern.

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