Leads into
GCSE/A Level Sociology

Optional at Phase 2 an Advanced Academy

Sociology at Newquay Tretherras
Sociology is a Humanities subject and focuses on the study of the society we live in.

Many people are unsure of what sociologists actually study and it is easy to explain through looking at one of the modules studied at GCSE and A level. In the topic of Crime and Deviance students study; who commits crime; why people commit crime; whether society effectively rehabilitates criminals; how agencies work to manage society; the accuracy of criminal statistics; and how crime and deviance changes over time.

Sociology at Tretherras is a popular subject, with many students welcoming the chance to study something new in Phase 2 and Advanced Academy. It is of particular interest to students who wish to pursue careers in health, education, social work, and other professions involving working with people.

Whilst being an academic subject involving the use of strong literacy skills, students are also given the opportunity to do sociology, through action research such as observation, surveys and interviews.

In addition to this, students demonstrate their knowledge through the use of sociological theories, concepts, empirical data and contemporary examples. Other skills they are assessed on are interpretation and evaluation.

GCSE Curriculum
At GCSE students sit three exams, covering the topics of Culture and Identity, Research Skills, Family, Youth and Crime.

A Level Curriculum
At A level students sit three exams covering topics such as Socialization, Culture and Identity, Advanced Research Skills, Inequality and Difference, Education and Crime.

We have close links with local universities and attend open days at Plymouth, giving students the opportunity to experience lectures and other aspects of student life. Many students do study sociology at degree but the A Level can be useful when applying for other university courses.

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