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GCSE/A Level Biology
GCSE/A Level Chemistry
GCSE/A Level Physics
GCSE Double Science
A Level Psychology
Future Medics

Compulsory at Phase 1, optional at Phase 2 and Advanced AcademyDSC_8948


Science at Newquay Tretherras
The Science department at Newquay Tretherras school aims to provide first class learning opportunities for pupils and the community around Newquay.

Our Department is a stimulating and interesting environment in which both pupils and staff work successfully together. We challenge pupils with a variety of exciting learning experiences and we offer support when needed. We strive to make the learning of Science enjoyable by using a wide range of teaching resources, materials and methods. In this way we cater for all pupils regardless of their preferred learning style.

Phase 1 Curriculum
We believe in making Science exciting and relevant to everyday life. Our topics show this; Students start as forensic scientists, learning techniques for solving cases, they turn their hand to cooking and even spend time looking for extra-terrestrials!

These lessons allow students to learn scientific concepts and skills in new and exciting contexts.

GCSE Curriculum – Biology, Chemistry, Physics
We want students to continue to succeed through Phase 2. To allow this we offer a range of courses.

If students are already seriously considering further Science education in the Sixth Form they can follow the three separate GCSEs of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We also offer GCSE Science and GCSE Additional Science which can also lead to Science A levels. For students who are interested in a more vocational style of study we offer BTEC Level 2 Applied Science.


Science Week at Tretherras

A Level Curriculum – Biology, Chemistry, Physics
With a qualification in A level Chemistry you could go on to Further or Higher Education, studying Chemistry or one of the other Sciences or related subjects, or work in science-based industry such as chemical engineering, materials science or biotechnology. Chemistry is essential for the medical field, pharmacy and environmental Science. Chemistry is also a well-respected subject in its own right and suitable for entry into a wide range of professions.

Students can follow the OCR Biology course which covers a range of topics from a theoretical and practical perspective. A qualification in Biology can open up many career possibilities including medicine, physiotherapy, marine biology, conservation and biotechnology.

Students take the OCR Physics A course which involves a range of interesting and exciting topics such as cosmology, relativity, Newtonian mechanics, quantum and medical physics. Practical experiments are integrated throughout the teaching of the course. An A-level in Physics demonstrates excellent problem solving and analytical skills required for many careers.

For further information, go to: http://tretherras.net/a-level-biology/ or http://tretherras.net/a-level-chemistry/ or http://tretherras.net/a-level-physics/

A Level Curriculum – Psychology
Psychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour. It seeks to understand and explain thought, emotion and experiences and evaluates the impact they have on both individuals and society as a whole.

AS – Unit 1 50% of total AS or 25% of total A Level
Content: Cognitive psychology

AS – Unit 2 50% of total AS or 25% of total A Level marks
Content: Biological psychology

A2 – Unit 3 25% of total A Level marks
Content: Biological rhythms and sleep

A2 – Unit 4 25% of total A Level marks
Content: Psychopathology

For further information, go to: http://tretherras.net/a-level-psychology/

We have recently developed the TASC (Tretherras Aspirational Science Consortium) pathway to assist and guide students throughout their Science education at Newquay Tretherras School and to support Advanced Academy students continuing on to study Science at University and with future STEM careers.

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