Years 7 to 8

NT Blazer Navy Blue with Proba Tene badge – exclusively available from Studs at Chester Road. (Compulsory for Year 7/optional for Year 8).

Trousers/skirt (Black only) - Trousers must be tailored (i.e. not jeans or casual style) for boys or girls. Skirts must be of the approved type – these are now available from Studs Sports in Chester Road.

Shirts/blouses - White shirts only with collar and sleeves (not sports/ polo or T-shirts). Shirts must always be tucked in.

Tie  – CLIP ON NT School tie navy with school badge (obtainable from school).

School V jumper – neck Grey with embroidered badge (optional in Year 7) – obtainable from Studs of Chester Road.

Socks/tights - Must be plain white, grey, navy or black.

Shoes – PLAIN BLACK, flat or low heeled, with black laces.

Make-up/jewellery - Make-up is not to be worn. Jewellery is not allowed, except that if ears are pierced then one small stud in each ear is permitted.


No other Blazer, jumper, skirt or tie will be considered part of the Year 7 School Uniform.