Rick Stein’s Head Chef, Nick Evans, Leads Cooking Master Class

Nick Evans, Head Chef at Rick Stein’s St Petroc’s Bistro in Padstow, took Newquay Tretherras students under his wing as he led them in a cooking master class.

As part of the school’s NT Chef Competition, the culinary expert ran an afterschool session, during which he took advantage of the current asparagus season to make two different dishes for students to try.

To start, he demonstrated how to make a risotto, using asparagus as the main ingredient before creating a Hollandaise sauce to accompany a plate of the spring vegetable.

DT teacher, Mr Nicholls commented, “It was brilliant to have a Chef from such a renowned restaurant come in and impart his knowledge on the students.”

He continued, “Hopefully this master class, as well as the other two we’ve had recently, will inspire the students for the next round of our NT Chef Competition.”