Primary Orienteering

Primary school children from across the Newquay area took part in an orienteering workshop run by Staff and Students of the Newquay Tretherras Geography department.

The 24 pupils involved were taught how to map read and how to use a compass under the guidance and leadership of a number of Year 9 Tretherras Students.

Primary Students first practised their new orienteering skills indoors before heading outside and testing them on an orienteering course constructed around the Tretherras site.

Tia Wright, a Year 9 NT Geography Leader commented, “The primary students have quickly picked up the techniques and were soon able to map read and orientate independently.”

Mr White, Teacher of Geography at Tretherras explained, “Even in these times of Google Maps and Satnav it is important that children understand the importance of using a map and compass and are able to find their location using the evidence around them.”

He added, “The Newquay Tretherras Geography sessions aim to give young learners to opportunity get interested in geography in a fun and practical way.”