Primary Cross Country Festival Presentation Evening.


Newquay Primary schools attended a presentation evening on Wednesday 21st March at Newquay Tretherras to celebrate the 2017 Newquay Primary Cross Country Festival.

Teams and individuals from each school collected trophies and certificates as the final results were announced. 12 primary schools took part in the four meets held over the season.

The evening was hosted by the Newquay Tretherras Sports Leaders and Mr Paul Wright of Newquay Road Runners along with Mr Richard Higginson Senior Assistant Headteacher at Newquay Tretherras handed out awards and certificates.

This year the Year 5 Girls winners were, 1st place Olivia McLellan from Goonhavern, in 2nd place Teyah Rickwood from Newquay Junior Academy, 3rd place Megan McCowen Brown from Mawgan-In-Pydar, 4th place Martha McCowen Brown from Mawgan-In-Pydar and 5th place Milly Thompson from St. Columb Minor. Team scores results were, 1st Mawgan-In-Pydar A, 2nd Goonhavern A, 3rd Newquay Junior A, 4th Cubert and 5th St Columb Minor A.

The Year 5 Boys results were, 1st place Jenson Hoskings from Goonhavern, 2nd place Olly Redd from Cubert, 3rd place Matthew Wilson from Goonhavern, 4th place Marley Johns from Summercourt and 5th place Ted Blatchford from St. Columb Minor. Team scores results were, 1st Goonhavern A, 2nd Newquay Junior A, 3rd St. Columb Minor, 4th St Newlyn East and 5th Goonhavern B.

This year the Year 6 Girls winners were, 1st place Zoe Williams from St. Columb Minor, 2nd place Niamh Harris from Newquay Junior, 3rd Lexi Greenland from Goonhavern, 4th place Amy Georgelin from Perranporth and 5th place Lowenna Julian from Goonhavern. Team scores results were, 1st St. Columb Minor A, 2nd Goonhavern, 3rd St Columb Minor B, 4th Newquay Junior A and 5th Perranporth.

The Year 6 Boys results were, 1st place Reen Bowden Inoue from Mawgan-In-Pydar, 2nd place Josh Eyre from St. Columb Minor, 3rd place Owen Pope from The Bishops, 4th place Harvey Dark from Goonhavern and 5th place Abs Miller from St. Columb Minor. Team scores results were, 1st Goonhavern A, 2nd St. Columb Minor A, 3rd Mawgan-In-Pyder, 4th Newquay Junior A and 5th The Bishops A.

This year saw the introduction of a new award recognising, achievement and outstanding sporting character. Newquay Tretherras students Bradley McLellan and Lauren Webster collected the award for their recent Cornwall selection for the English Schools Cross Country Championships. Primary pupil Marshall Janson representing Perranporth, who ran on prosthetic sports blades and Marley Johns from Summercourt also won the award for their competitive sporting resilience.

Mr John Scott, who co-ordinates the primary sports programmes said, “It has been another fantastic year for the Newquay Tretherras Primary Cross Country Competition, we are particularly pleased that so many of our participating schools also ranked so well in the Mid Cornwall competition. I’d like to thank the Newquay Tretherras Sports Leaders for the fantastic way in which they run the events and all the superb young runners involved.”

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