Post-16 Study Pathways



Linear qualification. A two year course with all exams at the end of Year 13.

Entry Guide: 5 B grades or more at GCSE are required to take 4 linear courses in Year 12 with B grades in appropriate subjects. For those choosing 3 or fewer linear subjects a B grade in the appropriate subject is required.


 A Level Modular course. The old AS and A2 format with both Year 12 and 13 exams contributing to the overall grade.

Entry Guide: B grade at GCSE is the entry requirement for most subjects, 5 B grades + to take 4 A Levels.

Students can take a mix of linear and modular courses at A Level, all will add the same number of UCAS points at the end of the course.



Linear AS qualification. A standalone, one year course usually completed in Year 12.

Entry Guide: B grade in GCSE subject required for most courses.

May be taken as well as a full A Level in some linear subjects, but will not carry UCAS points if the full A Level is completed.


AS Level Modular course. As the first half of a modular A Level, contributing half the points of the final qualification. Completed in Year 12.


Level 3 Vocational Subjects


•Mainly coursework based, modular in nature. Some will have examination units contributing up to 25% of the overall grade.

•Units add together to create the final grade over two years.

Entry Guide: Students require 5 C grades+ to study these courses.

•A Level equivalent qualification carrying the same UCAS points as A Levels but are graded as pass(E), Merit (C), Distinction (A) or Distinction* (A*).


English and Maths GCSE Re-sit Classes (where necessary)

  • For all students that do not achieve a C grade pass in Year 11.
  • It is compulsory for students who do not achieve the C in either English or maths to take re-sit classes in the Sixth Form

One Year Pathway: A mix of Level 2 Vocational courses that lead to Level 3 courses in the following two years.

  • Students achieving a mix of C and D grades at GCSE are best suited to this course.
  • It aims to give students an additional year’s study before starting Level 3 Vocational courses.

Entry Guide: Students will be interviewed individually to access this course.

Futures Courses: Medics, Scientists (TASC), Teachers, Oxbridge, Sports Science courses Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

  • These sit alongside A Level and Vocational subjects and are extra, optional courses that are designed to give students a broader experience of their subjects away from the exam curriculum.
  • Valuable for university applications as it demonstrates a wider interest in chosen subjects.