Outstanding Maths Stars


Two Year 7 students at Newquay Tretherras have been recognised as extremely gifted mathematicians after achieving A grades in a Higher GCSE paper – four years earlier than usually taken and despite never being taught any of the content!

Sam Millington and Alex Mousley were also recently entered into the British Intermediate Maths Challenge, a test meant for students in Year 9 & 10, and outperformed top set students.

Alex said, “I was really nervous going up against older students but at the same time I really enjoyed the challenge.”

Sam continued, “We are both really proud of ourselves for managing to do so well in our Maths.”

Mr Jonathan Haywood, the students’ Maths teacher commented, “The boys are outstanding and what they have achieved is exceptional. We are now even trying to encourage teachers to incorporate their maths abilities in other lessons, for example, challenging them to work out the mass and volume of their DT creations.”


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