NT Vision

Newquay Tretherras is a popular and a successful 11-19 academy at the heart of the town and district community and is consistently oversubscribed. The academy is passionate and committed to a vision of creating modern 21st century educational facilities that will greatly benefit the educational development of children in Newquay and the surrounding villages.

In July 2013, after analysing risks presented by proposed retail development plans, the Governing body unanimously decided not to pursue a proposed sale of academy land to a national supermarket chain. If a planning application had been submitted and approved the project would have allowed Tretherras to undertake extensive building work and see the oldest part of the academy demolished and replaced with purpose built state of the art buildings.

As part of the continued ambition and ideas generated from the previous project proposal, the Governing body has developed a phased strategy to improve the whole academy site and look at possible funding through the Education Funding Agency, commencing with a new academy building. Recent changes in the use of EFA funding mean that Newquay Tretherras can now be considered for a scheme and submit a bid to create a new building that would address urgent issues faced by the academy’s 1950′s structure.

Should a bid be successful, the funds awarded will be used to construct a new building that would be located on the ‘Queens Walk’ area of the site. This space is currently a paved walkway that stretches from Trevenson Road and runs up to the 1950’s building entrance. The ‘Queens Walk’ is an open space and has no use other than access. The funding will provide a new two storey building that will provide 20 modern classrooms for the ‘core’ subject areas of English and Maths. This much needed space will enhance the educational experience at Tretherras and be more conducive to the best practices of 21st century teaching and learning.

Advantages of the new building will also include flexible teaching areas, a student reception, offices, toilets, storage and circulation spaces. The building will allow the relocation of the Learning Support department to the ground floor of the existing building, improving disabled accessibility to practical learning space for students with specific learning needs.

Currently the 1950’s building is faced with extensive running costs, inefficient infrastructure and classrooms that are coming to the end of their serviceable life. Many elements of the building are in need of significant refurbishment, remodeling or even replacement. A new building would permit the safe relocation of students and improve their accommodation, while affording space and flexibility to begin a programme of change with existing spaces.

The reality of this proposal is subject to a successful bid to the EFA. At this stage Newquay Tretherras is currently submitting a total bid for £2.4 million. Mrs. Sarah Karkeek, Chair of Governors at the Academy commented, “We are very hopeful the bid will have a positive outcome and are all passionate about doing all we can to achieve a vision of 21st century learning facilities.”

Initial plans have been submitted to Cornwall Council, in order to comply with the EFA bidding requirements and time frame, and demonstrating serious commitment to the project. An announcement from the Education Funding Agency is expected around Easter time and, should the bid be approved, the academy is planning to have a completed building by the end of the Autumn Term 2014 – achieved by using the very latest construction and building techniques.

Mrs. Sue Martin Headteacher at Newquay Tretherras, “A new building for English and Maths not only will resolve an urgent need to improve the junior end of the academy but begins a programme of site wide modernisation supporting the best teaching and learning experiences that we believe the students of Newquay Tretherras truly deserve.”

Although the academy is dependent on an outcome before being able to progress with the project, a public viewing event has been arranged for the local community to come and see the proposed plans. The academy has also been in talks with local MP Stephen Gilbert and he has offered unreserved total support to the proposal. “The leadership team at the academy has fought hard to resolve a very difficult situation, they have been relentless in exploring every opportunity to raise funds that will lead to greatly improve educational facilities for the children of Newquay.”

Members of public are invited to take an early look at plans and speak with senior academy leaders between 4.00pm – 6.00pm on the 31 January 2014 in the foyer of the junior block. Alternatively we would welcome all interested parties to look at our website www.tretherras.net/vision to see the latest proposal and use any of the relevant links to ask questions or give general feedback.