STEM Club was initially funded by the DCSF, and is known as Science & Engineering Club in school.


We began by investigating designs for the amazing geodesic dome and have been working on projects linked to the dome ever since. Members of the club have had the opportunity to be part of two residential trips; London and Carnyorth Outdoor centre, taken part in National competitions, conferences, Teachers TV, and exciting weekly Science and DT projects.


This year we have built a solar powered fountain to go in the dome, a convection heater and grown bio-fuels. Next year we intend to harvest our fuels and test them on kit steam cars as well as design lighting for the dome run off renewable energy sources.


Science and Engineering Club is open to year 7 and 8 pupils, with our older members coming to support and mentor the younger ones. It is co-ordinated by Mrs Ellis-Davies with specialist input from teachers in the Science and DT departments.