NT Chef Master Class

The NT Chef competition took a break on the last week of term with a Master Class guest chef, Steve Lovell, from the Sun Bay Hotel, Salcombe.

Before the Semi find stages, Tretherras students got a first class quality demo of Steves’ chef skills by seeing him prepare some of his own special recipes.

Known for his unusual taste combinations, Steve prepared a Red Cabbage Gazpacho with Cucumber and Mustard Ice Cream. Two main dishes followed of Red Mullet with Thai Style Potato Fondant and Salsa, and a Haunch of Venison with Farmhouse Cabbage and a Root Vegetable Puree

Steve cooked each dish, explaining the different processes and techniques that go into each and answered questions from the attentive students.

David Nicholls, Lead Teacher of Applied Learning commented, “The NT Chef competitions is also about giving Tretherras students, who are interested in catering as profession an opportunity to understand all the skills the will need to develop for the industry.”

Eager Students and staff got tot taste the dishes enjoying all the flavor combinations on offer.

Steve Lovell commented, “I hope that the dishes have given the Tretherras Chefs a few ideas for the next round of competition.”