NO Drama for Exam

After months of preparation and rehearsals, six Year 13 Drama students of Newquay Tretherras performed one of their crucial A Level exam productions.

The pupils used research on the troubled life of American murderer Ed Gein to create their own play that explored the influence of real serial killers on the film industry.

The exam performance was held in Tretherras’ theatre building The Hex in front of a small audience of students and parents who, as part of the act, were ‘trapped’ on set by the characters and subjected to some horror style frights.

Drama teacher Cate Halford commented, “It was a fantastic night with some committed and, at times, unnerving performances from the pupils.”

Hannah Batson, one of the student actors, said, “As a group we felt that everything went to plan and it was brilliant to see the audience so engaged both during and after the show.”