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GCSE/A Level Maths
A Level Further Maths

Compulsory at Phase 1 and 2, optional at Advanced Academy

Maths at Newquay Tretherras

DSC_8270We have a dedicated Mathematics department that is committed to enabling all of our pupils to reach their potential, at which ever level this might be. From Year 7 through to Year 11, students are taught in sets according to mathematical ability. There are opportunities for pupils to do puzzles and competitions, and also for trips out to see Maths being used in the real world. We offer a varied range of teaching styles including the use of ICT. We also have excellent pathways available for our Gifted and Talent pupils as well as our pupils with special needs. We aim for every pupil to be successful in mathematics and most importantly to enjoy it.

Our long term aims are:

  • To develop, maintain and stimulate students’ curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Mathematics
  • To help students develop confidence in their Maths ability
  • To develop students’ understanding of Mathematics and the ability to apply it in the real world
  • To continue to build links with partner primary schools promoting continuity and progression between Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3
  • To see recognition of our success by improved examination results
  • Achievement in Mathematics at all levels is advantageous and often essential for a wide variety of scientific, business and technological vocations. Universities and Higher Education Colleges specify that a grade C in GCSE Mathematics is needed as an entrance requirement for most courses.

Phase 1 Curriculum
Following on from the foundations made at primary school pupils will cover work on Number, Calculations, Algebra, Shape and Data. Alongside these, pupils will attempt functional ‘real life’ tasks that will bring relevance to the work being done. Lessons are delivered in a variety of ways incorporating interactive whiteboards, mini laptops, practical activities and traditional methods. During the two years there are also opportunities to experience Maths out of the classroom on trips to Eden and Exeter Racecourse. We also run a week long maths trip to Paris and Disneyland during activities week.


Maths students and teachers up the Eiffel Tower whilst on the 2013 Paris Maths trip

GCSE Curriculum
In Phace 2 students follow the OCR J567 Linear course. The current course will continue for two more years and builds on the content covered at Phase 1.The examination contains a mix of traditional questions mixed with more functional ‘real life’ problems. Showing workings to support all answers is of upmost importance to secure the best grade possible. At Tretherras most students sit their final GCSE exam in Year 11. The top set in each population have the opportunity to complete their GCSE a year early. They will then study a Level 2 (iGCSE) in Further Maths with the option to also complete a GCSE in Statistics.

In 2017 this format will be replaced by a new examination structure and this will affect the current Year 9 students (2014-15). The full details of this have yet to be finalised and we will keep you updated as it happens.

A Level Curriculum
We are proud at NT to offer a range of Mathematics courses at Post-16, with options to meet the needs all students who are interested in continuing their study of Maths. Those students who do not achieve a grade C at GCSE are required to re-sit Maths in year 12. For students who achieve a grade C or above, we have four different pathways available:

Option 1: A-Level Maths – this is the classic A-Level Maths course. We offer the OCR MEI course, which comprises three modular AS level exams at the end of Year 12, and three A2 modular exams at the end of Year 13. At AS level, students are introduced to the key methods required for advanced core Mathematics, including calculus, trigonometry and logarithms. We also study the Mechanics 1 unit which explores some key ideas such as force, motion and projectiles. At A2 Level, we build on the core maths knowledge acquired at A2 and we study the Statistics 1 module which explores some key ideas around probability and modelling.

Students who wish to study A-Level Maths will be required to achieve a grade A or A* at GCSE Mathematics.

For more information, go to http://tretherras.net/a-level-mathematics/

Option 2: A-Level Applied Mathematics – this is a well-established and hugely successful course at NT. The course is designed for those students who wish to explore how Maths is applied in real world contexts. It is a superb supporting A-Level, equipping students with skills that are key in all Sciences and Humanities subjects. At AS Level, students learn about algebra, dynamics/mechanics and statistics. At A2, we explore calculus and produce an extended piece of coursework. We follow the AQA Use of Maths syllabus, and exams for each module (three at AS and two at A2) are held at the end of the respective years.

Students wishing to study A-Level Applied Maths will be required to achieve a grade B or above at GCSE maths.

Option 3: A-Level Further Maths – this option is available as an additional qualification along with A-Level maths. The course is suitable for true lovers of Maths who have aspirations to study maths (or a related Science) at an elite university. The course is rigorous and challenging, and exposes students to the vast worlds of complex numbers and matrices. In addition to the Further Pure modules, which build on what is learned in AS Core Modules, AS Further Mathematicians explore a Decision Maths and Numerical Methods Module. At A2, we study Statistics 2 and Mechanics 2 modules. We follow the OCR MEI course and exams are held at the end of both Year 12 and 13.

For more information, go to http://tretherras.net/a-level-further-mathematics/

Option 4: Core Maths – We are absolutely delighted to have received funding to offer this new course at NT. We are one of only a handful of institutions to have been granted this, and it means that we are among the first schools and colleges to be able to offer the course, which is destined to form an integral part of the maths landscape at Post 16 in the future. The course is designed to be accessible to students who have achieved a grade C at GCSE, and who wish to continue their study of maths beyond Year 11. Like Applied Maths, the course seeks to explore the application of Maths in the real sense. To this end, large amounts of funding from the business sector has been invested in developing resources for the course.

We are following the AQA Core Maths course, which is two years in durations and carries accreditation equivalent to AS Level. Exams will be held at the end of Year 13.

For more information, go to http://tretherras.net/as-level-core-maths/

Links to exam board / specification
For A-Level Maths and Further Maths: www.mei.org.uk

For Applied Maths: www.aqa.org.uk (Search for Use of Maths)

For Core Maths: www.aqa.org.uk