Mathematics Student Community Launch Day at Exeter

Ben, Sam and Alex IMG_0720

Newquay Tretherras students were amongst the lucky Maths students who got to experience the Mathematics Student Community Launch Day at Exeter Mathematics School. The event kicked off this year’s programme with a fantastic lecture by the highly engaging mathematician Ben Sparks.

Ben, who has a Masters of Science in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing from Somerville College Oxford, gave the audience of gifted students and their parents an inspiring and poetic journey in Mathematics.

The lecture began with the origin of numbers and went all the way through to explaining to the beauty of abstract modern mathematics. Ben’s story entertained the Newquay Tretherras Maths students with discussions of ancient cultures, dinosaurs, imagination and philosophy.

Newquay Tretherras Year 8 students Sam Millington and Alex Mousley who found the talk fascinating also impressed the audience and Ben by correctly answering some of his most challenging questions.

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