KS3 Geography

Geography is a compulsory subject at KS3. A number of topics are studied each year. Topics in Year 7 build upon KS2 experiences and stimulate interest and enthusiasm for Geography. Cornwall.co.uk helps them develop a ‘personal geography’ and an appreciation of place.

Skills and knowledge are further developed in Think Global Act Local, this topic encourages students to think about their own actions and the effect they are having on the planet. They design a sustainable city based on the lessons learnt. The last topic is Drop in the Ocean. This topic compares the local area (Boscastle), with flooding further afield (Bangladesh.) They then go on to study areas of the world with not enough water. Fieldwork is based on the changes in Newquay.

Topics in Year 8 focus on the national and international scales and focus on a mix of human and physical themes. The topics are Development, Ecosystems and Hazards. All of these topics allow students to:

Broaden and deepen their knowledge and understanding of places, processes and people and realise that they are all interconnected. They also select and effectively use skills to support geographical investigations. Fieldwork will be to the Rainforest Experience at Newquay Zoo.