KS3 Awards 2015


On Wednesday 8th July, Newquay Tretherras had its annual academic achievement awards for KS3 students at Newquay Sports Center.

The Tretherras KS3 Awards are specifically designed to recognise students from Year 7 & 8 with the highest academic achievement, as well as rewarding students with the highest progress.

Year 10 students, Luke Ball, Jake Graham, Rachel Millington and Anna Knight, hosted the evening.

Former Head Boy Alexander Jamil, now studying Physics at Exeter University, spoke to the students about his own personal experience of time at Tretherras.

Alex said, “Key Stage 3 was my favourite time at Newquay Tretherras. It was such a fun time with countless opportunities to try many new experiences. I strongly encourage all of you to take those opportunities now whilst at school.’

Former Head Girl Jessica Ridgment also spoke to the audience and comented, “Tretherras gave me the confidence to succeed, support by the teachers I was able to really push myself and get the results I was capable off.”

Mrs Sue Martin, Executive Headteacher of the Newquay Education Trust, spoke to families and highlighted the successful academic, sporting and creative achievements of the scholastic year, culminating with succesfull GCSE and value added GCSE results.

Mrs Martin also mentioned how the school had been awarded a Capital Funds Award for a new school building and was also successfully award a Site Infrastructure bid to refurbish science classrooms.

Mrs Martin continued, ‘We want to make sure that our students make as much progress as they can, particulary in their early years, we want to support them in building up success for later on and achieve their highest potential.’

Students were prized in 14 different subjects. Special accolades such as the Jenny Morgan Memorial Award, The Tretherras Way Award and the Headteacher’s Award were given out to nominated students.

The Award for greatest contribution in Year 7 went to Imogen Barclay and Hammersley whilst the Award for greatest contribution in Year 8 went to Yzella Barker and Gerran Hawkey

The Tretherras Way Award for Year 7 wen to Betsy Cross and Sam Millington. The Tretherras way Award for Year 8 went to Imogen Hinchcliffe and Jack Higginson.

This year the Jenny Morgan Memorial Award was won by Josh Beasley

The Headteachers Award went to Kelsea Griffiths and Cameron Frazer.

The evening concluded with all prize winners coming to the stage for a group photo accompanied by cheers and applause from all.






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