Kier Build Careers With Tretherras Business Students



Kier Construction and Applied Business Studies Students from Newquay Tretherras Sixth Form are partnering in an innovative marketing project.

The Tretherras Year 13 students have been asked to design an “Adopt a School” programme for Kier that will promote the construction industry in schools.

The six selected business students will design the initiative and the marketing materials to go with it whilst getting firsthand experience of working alongside a national organisation such as Kier.

Kate Ellis from the Kier Marketing Department explained the requirements to Tretherras Sixth Form students during their first meeting.

Kate commented, “Working with the students at Tretherras today was really inspiring, I am delighted that we will have some fresh ideas to help promote the ‘Adopt a School’ construction programme. We also hope to provide the students with an insight into the vast range of career opportunities in the industry as well as providing evidence for their business portfolios in the future.”

From this point on the group will begin to collect market research, begin designing a logo and think about the promotional activities they are going to undertake in order to get a strategy in place and operational.

Through this partnership with Kier, students will be getting the opportunity have their plans assessed by a real corporation and potentially be something that will be rolled out across Devon and Cornwall, if not nationally.

The students now have until the end of February to shape their marketing strategy, after which they will be presenting to a panel of judges in order to decide on which plan is going to be chosen for this exciting initiative.

Mr Dave Nicholls, Lead Teacher of Applied Learning and Business Studies at Newquay Tretherras explained, “Working on a project like this alongside an organisation such as Kier an amazing opportunity for our students, and one which promises to provide them with a truly exceptional experience in relation to business. It’s really very exciting getting the opportunity to have our students putting together something real, and something which promises to do so much to improve links between construction and schools across Devon and Cornwall.”

Mr Paul Nicholls, Kier Project Skills Coordinator added, “It’s great to be working with my former school promoting careers in the construction industry, while at the same time giving business students a real project to work on.”

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