GCSE Music

What’s it all about?

Performing – 40%  You have to perform one solo and one ensemble (group) performance. You will need to be having regular instrumental or singing lessons to ensure that you develop your performing skills through the course. You will be performing in assemblies and school concerts as part of large ensembles.

Composition – 20%  You will compose a piece of music based on at least two of the five areas of study (see below). This piece can be based on and influenced by any genre of music.

Composing and Appraising – 20%  You will compose a piece of music based on one of the strands which will be chosen by the exam board. You will complete this task in year 11 and have one whole term to compose and record the piece of work. You will also complete a written appraisal about the composition.

Listening – 20%  You will work towards the summer exam in year 11 which is a 1 hour session sitting and listening to music! Oh, and answering a few questions. The music you hear will all come from the three strands and the five areas of study (see below).

The Areas of Study

AOS 1 – Rhythm and Metre

AOS 2 – Harmony and Tonality

AOS 3 – Texture and melody

AOS 4 – Timbre and Dynamics

AOS 5 – Structure and Form

The Strands

The Western Classical Tradition

Popular Music in the 20th and 21st Centuries

World Music