GCSE Drama

We achieve good grades at GCSE and have consistently been above the national and Cornish average for A-C grades. There is still a very good take up for the exam despite the fact that many other subjects have been introduced to the curriculum. We now follow the EDEXCEL syllabus.

Students learn to use the skills that they have gained in KS3 to create extended and detailed pieces of work, performing them and keeping a record of the processes they have used. Team work is integral to this process and they have to become responsible for each other to achieve maximum success. This is how any business exists and Drama provides strategies to allow these skills to be learned, which is why people like the Army, Navy and RAF, love drama as it gets teams to co-operate and achieve their goal.

NT Drama has produced students who have gone on to work in these media including designers of lighting, TV presenters and members of the RSC in Stratford. We are proud of our record and constantly try to improve so that we are looking towards the achievements of the students of the future.

Drama is exciting and is great to be involved in one of Britain’s most vital resources.