Leads into
GCSE/A Level Ethics & Philosophy

Compulsory at Phase 1 and Phase 2, optional at Advanced Academy

Ethics & Philosophy at Tretherras
From early humans worshiping the sun and moon to modern developments of traditional faiths, religion has always formed an integral part of human society. Although it is not always recognised, religious belief still maintains a large influence on the culture, customs and laws of today’s modern society.

The Ethics and Philosophy department seeks to offer our pupils the opportunity to explore and question the world, it’s inhabitants, and the curious phenomenon of religious belief. Throughout the course, pupils are encouraged to investigate the various peoples of the world and their associated beliefs in an attempt to understand and celebrate difference. It is our aim to ensure that pupils develop the necessary skills and understanding to enable them to question their experiences so as to form open, unbiased opinions in a rapidly changing and multicultural world.

Phase 1 Curriculum
Exploring the major world faiths prepares pupils to become global citizens. An understanding of faiths from different cultures and responding to questions frequently raised by the media ensure students gain an insight into the biggest cultural influence in the world.

Pupils begin the course with an introduction to philosophy and the nature of belief by investigating the existence of God. Throughout Phase 1, the Ethics and Philosophy department aim to provide a thorough understanding of the rich variety of beliefs associated with Buddhism and Islam. Students will reflect on the nature of Islam and the perceptions of its followers since global terrorist attacks. They will also investigate the teachings of Buddha and the influence this has had in the East.

GCSE Curriculum
Pupils that have chosen to study Ethics and Philosophy at GCSE level will study the OCR Religious Studies course. Throughout the two years, pupils will have the opportunity to study a number of philosophical and ethical issues relevant to today’s society. Topics include areas such as Medical Ethics, Peace and Justice, Equality, and the Religion v Science debate.

They will develop a variety of skills whilst they explore different perspectives on the topics. These include analysis, evaluation, empathy, and debate.

Pupils are assessed at the end of Phase 2, sitting four single hour exams.

A Level Curriculum
At Newquay Tretherras we offer Philosophy and Ethics Both at A Level. We cover a variety of topics that challenge our learners and encourage the development of deep thinking skills.

The course is divided into two sections: Philosophy and Ethics. The philosophy course introduces the works of some of the ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, and moves towards more modern thinkers such as Dawkins. It deals with issues such as the Existence of God, Free Will, Religious Experience and the Problem of Evil. The Ethics course begins by assessing the morality of issues such as Genetic Engineering, Euthanasia and War. Later in the course pupils will be given the opportunity to study ethical theories such as Utilitarianism, Natural law.

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