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GCSE Design Technology – Food, Textiles, Graphics or Resistant Materials
GCSE Catering
BTEC Engineering Award Level 2
BTEC Food Level 1 – Jaimie Oliver

Compulsory at Phase 1 and optional at Phase 2 and Advanced Academy

Design Technology at Tretherras
The department consists of 10 workshops/design rooms including a CAD/CAM/ICT suite and fully equipped catering facilities. In addition we have technical support from a full- time technician.

NT Design Technology offers Resistant Material, Textiles, Graphics, Engineering, Food Technology and Catering.

The aim of the department is that all pupils should gain a positive and first- hand practical experience of designing and making products that fill a need. Pupils are encouraged to problem solve and make informed decisions about aspects of the future environment and be able to contribute to becoming able and informed citizens.

Phase 1 Curriculum
All students in Year 7, 8 & 9 have two lessons a week and cover each area of the Design Technology syllabus on a 10 week cycle. This allows them to experience practical work in each of the main focus areas – Food Technology, Textile Technology, Resistant Materials and Systems & Control.

During each module students will cover basic safety in the classroom and workshop and experience a full design and make project. This will follow the design process from analysing existing products, creating original design ideas, learning & developing practical skills using appropriate tools and equipment and evaluating their ideas. It is a practical based course which will enable each student to develop independence, self confidence and encourage creativity whilst making quality products to take home.

GCSE Curriculum – Food, Resistant Materials, Graphics, Textiles
These Design Technology courses are for pupils who are interested in developing and creating products for the manufacturing industry. These GCSE’s have a practical element to the course which is developed with a fifteen page coursework folder worth 60% of the course as well as an exam which makes up the other 40%.

GCSE Curriculum – Catering


A Catering student with his practical exam food products

Newquay Tretherras DT department has as its largest Phase 2 course the WJEC Catering and Hospitality. It has run this course for many successful years and is very popular given the local industry. The specification provides a vocationally-related qualification that covers Levels 1 and 2 (Foundation and Intermediate) and is a suitable qualification for those who want a broad background in this area, those who wish to progress to further education or those entering the world of work.

Over the duration of the qualification, students will develop a variety of skills, from the basic assembling to the more advanced techniques, such as pastry making, fish cookery and creating complex accompaniments.

Students are assessed through two practical tasks that make up 60% of their result as well as an exam paper that makes up the other 40%.

BTEC Engineering Award Level 2
Phase 2 students have the option of taking an Engineering BTEC, a course which teaches the foundation to an apprenticeship at Level 3. The engineering course is divided into four sections and stretches our pupil’s knowledge base to encompass the very latest technology materials. The curriculum encourages ICT, math’s and literacy skills combined with a full two year practical program designed to bring together the ability to create complex assembled parts.

BTEC Food Level 1
The BTEC Level 1 home cooking skills is an excellent, fun course to take and learn how to develop cooking in an industrial environment. Newquay Tretheras Trust has a specially trained teacher who is especially trained to deliver this course and although it is not a GCSE, there is a direct link onto college if you wish to pursue the subject.

A Level Curriculum
For more information, go to http://tretherras.net/a-level-graphics/ or  http://tretherras.net/a-level-textiles/

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