Dance students making use of the dance studio

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GCSE/A Level Dance

Taught in Phase 1 PE lessons, optional at Phase 2 and Advanced Academy

Dance at Tretherras
The dance department is made up of 2 specialist staff who teach in the fully equipped dance studio, with adjoining dance teaching / resources room.

The ethos in the dance department is to “embrace opportunity,” whether this is to choreograph, perform or be creative. The Tretherras dance department prides itself on the opportunities it provides for students – we work with professional dancers and choreographers on a regular basis, attend workshops and performances aimed at building creative and performance skills, and offer a dance leaders qualification that provides opportunities to teach at extra-curricular level.

As a student travels through their dance experience at Tretherras, we aim to give them a wide and varied experience. They will explore a range of dance styles, and will experience, choreography, performance and leadership.


A student performing in our annual ‘Mirror Image’ dance production

Phase 1 Curriculum
Year 7, 8 & 9 enjoy 6 weeks of dance over a half term as part of their PE curriculum. There are a range of schemes of work that are taught dependent on the ability and gender of the group. Topics taught include; cheerleading, dance in advertising, basic choreography, the Haka, Mission Impossible and Parkour.

Students can extend their dance experience at KS3 by attending one of the many after school dance clubs where pieces are created for performance in assemblies, local dance events and the annual Tretherras Dance Show.

GCSE Curriculum
At GCSE level, students have 5 hours of study per fortnight which are divided into practical and theory lessons. In practical, students create their own piece of choreography, perform a set solo dance, perform as part of a group and create a solo using a professional dance work as a starting point. In the theory units, students study the constituent features of two professional dance works and analyse their movement content in preparation for a written exam.

These elements are practised in Year 10 to build confidence in the processes required and are formally assessed in Year 11.

Homework is set on a weekly basis to support theory classwork and students are expected to attend rehearsals and studio time to support their coursework completion.

A Level Curriculum
In Year 12, students study the dancer in action and learn the anatomy and physiology of a dancer and apply this learning to studio practise. They also study 5 professional dance works as an extension of their learning in GCSE. In practical lessons, students create a solo choreography piece and perform as part of a group. These are formally assessed at the end of the year.

In Year 13, students study one professional dance work in depth and one area of the history of dance development. In practical lessons students perform a solo in the style of a chosen practitioner and choreograph a group piece in response to an exam board set question.

Students are set homework on a weekly basis and are expected to attend studio rehearsals to complete coursework tasks.

For more information, go to http://tretherras.net/a-level-dance/

Links to exam board / specification
At Tretherras we use the AQA exam board.