Cooking Masterclass with Rick Stein Chef


On 16th April, Newquay Tretherras welcomed Nick Evans, the Head Chef of Rick Stein’s restaurant St Petroc’s Bistro, for another NT Chef Master Class.

The students were treated to a demonstration of how to cook a classic shepherd’s pie, but made with a rich filling of ox cheek.

The chef also showed the group how to make a minimal chocolate mousse, using only chocolate and water.

Year 7 student, Mia Mills said, “I don’t normally like beef but I tried it in the shepherd’s pie and it was really nice!”

Jack Griffin, a Year 8 competitor commented, “Even though the meat was quite expensive, it was so worth it as it was really tasty and tender. The mousse was really easy to make too so I think I will try and make it myself in the semi-final round.”

The NT Chef competition continues next week with the first semi-final heat taking place in the school’s catering facilities.


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