Coding for Girls

Jordan Holroyd and Lowenna Barbery Learning coding language python

Two of Newquay Tretherras’ top female mathematicians have recently embarked on a course to develop skills in real life Maths and developing solutions using computational methods.

Year 13 students, Jordan Holroyd and Lowenna Barbery, on the first day of a year-long project hosted at Truro School, got to experience Maths in unfamiliar contexts, allowing them to see where Higher Level Maths can be used in the work place.

The first lecture topic that the girls started working on focused on climate change. Two mathematicians led the lecture from Exeter University who demonstrated the power of Mathematical Modelling when predicting changes in the weather and our overall climate.

Jordan and Lowenna now have the challenge of learning to code as well as completing the first challenge, creating a computer simulation that will predict weather changes.

Crucial to the course is developing the ability to code. In particular using the programming language ‘Python’. To get familiar with coding the girls have enrolled in ‘Codecademy’ online which is designed to introduce students to coding.

Jordan commented, ‘Many of the students who attended the course were already able to programme and I discovered that they were all self-taught using on-line tutorials.’

The girls are getting support from Newquay Tretherras Maths Teacher Mr Haywood who already runs a coding cub within the school.

Mr Dixon, Lead Teacher of Maths at Newquay Tretherras stated, ‘Coding is rapidly becoming an important part of Maths beyond A Level and it is great to get our students involved in this project to widen their school experience and prepare them for Maths at University.’

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