Cheque Presented to Cancer Research UK


Newquay Tretherras students, alongside Head of Year Ms Ollerenshaw and their tutor team, put on the incredible ‘Tretherras’s Got Talent’ show last year. The then Year 10 students, organised the event with the intention to raise money for the year group’s chosen charity, Cancer Research UK.

The talent showcase, won by Charity Deakin and Tess Whitrow-Coates raised an impressive £571.90 during the evening’s competition.

This week a cheque was handed over to Cancer Research UK, with a request that it be used to support research for Children and Teenagers.

The cheque was received by Ray Lion, shop manager for Cancer Research UK in Newquay.

Ray commented, ‘I am delighted to receive this from the Newquay Tretherras students and will make sure that it is used to support the UK Children and Teenagers campaign.’

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