‘Chemistry at Work’ Day


On Thursday 12th January, over 100 Year 9 Newquay Tretherras students took part in a ‘Chemistry at Work’ event involving six different scientific workshops.

Organised by Cornwall Learning in partnership with the Royal Society of Chemistry, the day saw students extracting DNA from fruit, learning about the medical benefits of essential oils, and how to make ice cream and bioplastics from kitchen materials.

Other sessions saw members of the Cornwall Fire Service dressing students in biohazard suits to act out a chemical spill, and a representative from Falmouth Marine School getting the Year 9s to experience different techniques of combatting oil spills.

At the end of the day, the classes were treated to a science show featuring explosive combustion, turning silver to gold and shooting plastic cups off student’s heads using a smoke gun!

Charlotte Farr, a Year 9 student said, “I really enjoyed the hands on workshops, where we were able to try the experiments for ourselves because I found that it reinforced what we were being taught.”

Another student, Rosie Malham commented, “It’s really opened my eyes to how useful chemistry can be in different careers, even ones you wouldn’t normally associate with the subject.”

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