Budding New Scientist take charge during Newquay Tretherras Science Week


Rockets, Explosions and a live stream of the Solar Eclipse featured in the Newquay Tretherras last week.

A week of scientific demonstrations entertained Newquay Tretherras students during the National Science week 16th – 20th March 2015.

Lunchtime exhibitions were given on Rockets and different ways to power them, using Liquid Nitrogen to make ice cream and creating an explosion, making pinhole cameras to study the eclipse, dissecting the human body, and powering a hovercraft!! Newquay Zoo also brought along some of its creepy-crawly exhibits for students to look at.

The week finished with the ultimate scientific event of the solar eclipse. Students used varying devises to view the phenomenon, from solar sunglass, pinhole cameras to projecting the image through a telescopes.

The school also broadcast a live stream over the Internet to all classrooms and local primary schools. The stream had a total of 544 views, 470 of those views from the UK, but 34 from France and then a handful amongst Brazil, China, Italy, Russia, Trinidad and the US.

Mr Mark Braham, Director of IT & Media, who designed and ran the streamcommented, ‘The idea to live stream the event was something innovative and exciting which has never been done at NT before. We had various backup plans in place, but the event was a success and means we may well look to deliver other future events online too!

Mr Andrew Saundrey, Director of Science at the academy, said: “The aim of science week is to raise awareness of science, show how much fun it can be and the careers it can lead to. What a great week t has been and to finish it with the solar eclipse has been an amazing experience.”​


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