Africa Trip for History Teacher Kath Culkin

Newquay Tretherras Teacher of History, Kath Culkin, recently returned from a trip to Tanzania where she presented schools with sports gear, footballs and stationary that had been donated by Tretherras Staff and Students.

The trip was inspired by Kath’s 2012 sabbatical in the country where she worked for a charity called Village Africa and taught as a Maths Teacher in a secondary school.

The village she visited, set in the Usambara mountain region, is a very poor area where there is a shortage of teachers and children have to pay to attend secondary school.

Tretherras students have been learning in assemblies how their gifts and donations have been helping to make a difference to the everyday lives of African Students.

Mrs Culkin commented, “The simplest gift of pencils helps to teach motor-hand skills. Learning how to hold a pencil is an important skill needed before students can begin to learn to write.”

Kath added, “The schools I visited were so grateful for the donations made by Newquay Tretherras. We intend to do more fundraising to support the African students in the future.”