A Level Science

With a qualification in A level Chemistry you could go on to Further or Higher Education, studying Chemistry or one of the other sciences or related subjects, or work in science-based industry such as chemical engineering, materials science or biotechnology. Chemistry is essential for the medical field, pharmacy and environmental science. Chemistry is also a well-respected subject in its own right and suitable for entry into a wide range of professions.


Students can follow the OCR Biology course which covers a range of topics from a theoretical and practical perspective. A qualification in Biology can open up many career possibilities including medicine, physiotherapy, marine biology, conservation and biotechnology.


Students take the OCR Physics A course which involves a range of interesting and exciting topics such as cosmology, relativity, Newtonian mechanics, quantum and medical physics. Practical experiments are integrated throughout the teaching of the course. An A-level in Physics demonstrates excellent problem solving and analytical skills required for many careers.