A Level MFL

Both French and Spanish are taught at A/S and A2 following AQA specifications. Our main resource books are Elan and Animo. French is taught in partnership with another local school.


The A/S course content includes Media, Popular culture, Healthy living and lifestyle and Family and relationships. At A2 the themes covered are the Environment, Multicultural society and Contemporary social issues. In addition students choose 2 aspects from Spanish culture to study from a list which includes:


The work of a painter/author/director/ poet/ architect/dramatist

A study of a region

A study of a specific aspect of 20th century history

Both A/S and A2 are broken down into 2 units. Units 1 and 3 test listening, reading and writing skills and units 2 and 4 are tested with oral exams.


Students visit the language assistant weekly, either individually or in pairs. French students have the opportunity to take part in the County Mini-assistants trip.