A Level Drama

We have an excellent take up of students for A level and follow the EDEXCEL syllabus. Students experience working with specific theatre practitioners like Brecht, Artaud and Berkoff learning how their ideas have influenced theatre and how they can utilise these ideas in their own creative endeavours. Lessons and records of sessions are made and this becomes part of the marks that the students achieve.

The second unit gets the students to study a play text and to perform it to an audience. This is where drama comes into its own as the tasks that are set lead to a real result rather than a “paper exercise.” The performances have full costume, set and lighting reaching a high standard.

The third unit is where the students put together their ideas into a devised piece and produce a performance of their own. Over the years they have created works on the dangers of becoming a model to the life story of Mary Bell. The possibilities are endless and year 13 work is always challenging and exciting.

There is one final written exam where the students cement their ideas so that they can take theory and practical experience on into their chosen careers and college courses.